Topping-out ceremony

Today we had a topping-out ceremony together with entrepreneurs from skanska Norway and the architect, Jan Antonsen. We had a great ceremony with food and cake celebrating the unique construction and the future it holds

If everything goes to plan the building will be completed during October.


The building arises

The aquarium glasses are installed, which means that a new milestone has been reached. Parts of the wooden construction is also completed, and the finished product is starting to show.

The testing of the aquarium is going to happen in about two weeks. Pebbles and stones will be placed carefully in the aquariums, and then it will be filled with water and a few salmons.

Different water levels and currents will be tested, to find out what works best for the salmon. The testing period will probably last for a month, and then the salmon will be released back into the river for spawning.


The aquarium

will open June 6, 2020

It can sound like a long time that it will be a year from we start building till the opening. But we think that it is wise to do so, so that we are well prepared. .

For the grand opening at June 6, there will be an extra program. There will be more information about this as the day approaches.


The building process

of the aquarium has started

Today they started the building process, and in July/august the 7,5 cm thick aquarium glasses will be installed. If everything runs smoothly, the building will be finished in September. After that the aquariums will be filled with gravel and stones, and then filled with water and a few salmons to test how everything works. The salmons will be released shortly after. New fish will be caught in May 2020 and placed in the aquarium for the grand opening in June.

The building will be approximately 300 m2. The centerpiece will be the seven aquarium tanks that are lined up with a 30 cm height difference between each of them. With 200 l/s of fresh river water flowing through the aquariums, it will be similar to the actual conditions in the river.

The aquarium is being built on Agder Energi’s property. This is a Norwegian powerplant who are producing renewable energy, and they are highly involved in the realization of Mandalselva Villakssenter. A significant amount of the funding is grants from Mandal- and Marnardal municipality, and Vest-Agder county municipality. The intension is that Mandalselva Villakssenter will contribute to positive development in the region.

It has taken many years to realize this project, and that the building now is being made is a huge milestone!

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Det begynner virkelig å ta form, både utvendig og innvendig 😄 Om to uker så er forhåpentligvis alt klart for å testkjøre akvariene med laks i🌊🐟

Et innlegg delt av Mandalselva Villakssenter (@villakssenteret)

Se dette innlegget på Instagram

Taket er tett, og i dag har vi hatt kranselag 🎉🍰 Fantastisk innsats av Skanska og alle som har vært med på prosjektet så langt! 🙏😄

Et innlegg delt av Mandalselva Villakssenter (@villakssenteret)