About us

Mandalselva Villakssenter is owned by a group of farmers with fishing rights in the Mandal river, but is created in cooperation with Agder Energi, the municipalities in the area and the Mandalselva association of river owners.

A large part of the funding is municipal an county funds. Therefore, it is a common goal for the center to be further developed so that it can have a positive impact on the whole area. It will help to make the river and the valley better known, and the goal is that it will also lead to increased visits and sales at other tourist sites and industries in the area.

But most importantly, we want to create a center that can provide great experiences for everyone who visits us!


The history of Mandalselva tells a story about river logging, an amazing salmon fishery, the pollution disaster which lead to the death of the whole salmon tribe, the reestablishment of the salmon through the world’s biggest river chalk project.

Not to mention that a great collaboration made it possible to produce renewable energy, at the same time as the salmon tribe is healthy and growing.

Come visit us and learn more about the history of Mandalselva!